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Free Zoo Tycoon 2 add-on

"The monkeys stand for honesty, giraffes are insincere," sang Simon & Garfunkel in At the Zoo. No idea why. Hippies.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Spring is here and by timely coincidence so is the Spring Scenery Pack for Zoo Tycoon 2.

It's got all sorts of goodies to make your parade of caged animals more entertaining for guests, including fountains, statues, a trampoline and new types of window fencing. But still no monkey obsessed with self-stimulation as we've seen at every zoo we've ever been to.

The pack is free to download - just click 'Downloads' in the game's menu and then select 'Scenery Pack'.

Zoo Tycoon 2 was released for PC last November. It "lets players experience the excitement and fun of building the ultimate zoo", but since our idea of the ultimate zoo is one where you can watch the lions fight the bears that's debatable.

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