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Powerdrome and Malice dated

Evolved release schedule.

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Publisher Evolved Games has this week announced release estimates for Argonaut's wayward pairing of Powerdrome and Malice, which it snapped up recently for release on PS2 and Xbox.

First out of the blocks in March will be Malice, which promises 29 levels of platform fun involving hammers (we like hammers), with futuristic anti-grav bike racer Powerdrome following in April. The latter will apparently support up to eight-player multiplay via Xbox Live and PS2 Online.

Most people remember Malice of course because last year publisher Vivendi-Universal Games decided not to do anything with it, which caused a kafuffle at London-based developer Argonaut. Powerdrome, meanwhile, is probably ringing bells with Amiga and Atari ST types who remember the 1989 original - the current Powerdrome team is headed by creator Michael Powell.

You can see a recent batch of shots for each game by clicking here (Xbox) or here (PS2) for Malice, and here for Powerdrome (both).

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