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Nintendo unveils Wi-Fi dongle

Look! It's all small and white!

Nintendo has unveiled the new Wi-Fi USB connector that will allow DS owners who don't have a wireless router to take their handheld online.

Stick it in your PC and it'll open a window to establish a link between your DS, your computer and your Internet connection. (And we do mean PC - Nintendo is only supporting Windows at the moment, so bad luck Mac owners.) There are then three option screens to click through on your DS, and hey presto - you're online.

As previously announced, you'll be able to construct a Friends list but there are no usernames or passwords involved. Instead, 12 digit numbers or "Friend Codes" will be used - swap your Friend Code with a mate and they'll be added to your list so you can play with them whenever. If you prefer, you can pick a random stranger who happens to be as wicked/rubbish at the game in question as you via Nintendo's skill-mapping servers.

The USB Connector will go on sale in Europe on November 25 alongside Mario Kart DS, priced £30.

Nintendo unveiled the connector at the DS Conference 2005 in Japan, where three new titles for the handheld were also announced.

Eigo Zuke teaches Japanese speakers how to write and speak English using the DS's touch screen and microphone. It won't make it over here for obvious reasons, though we wouldn't mind a vice versa version.

And we're also hoping that since Motto Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training - Brain Training 2 - will be out in Japan by Christmas, we can expect an English version of the first instalment in the series some time soon.

The third game announced was Daredemo Asobi Taikai, a collection of more than 40 popular board games. Wireless multiplayer. Up to eight players opponents. Game sharing. Out next month. Couldn't care less.

But HURRAH for the USB Connector and for HURRAH for online multiplayer Mario Kart DS! Roll on November!