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Games industry chips in

To help hurricane victims.

As the southern United States struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, a series of initiatives have been launched by games publishers, developers and websites in a bid to help.

Halo developer Bungie has designed a Fight the Flood t-shirt, featuring Master Chief himself, available for $19.95 via the Bungie online store. Around $15 from each sale will go straight to the Red Cross, with neither Bungie nor the distributor making a penny in profit.

In addition, Bungie will donate the royalties earned from the sale of all the other products in its online store throughout the month of September.

Sony Online Entertainment is also helping out by adding a new command to MMORPG EverQuest II. Enter /donate and you'll be taken to the American Red Cross's Hurricane 2005 relief page.

Meanwhile, Kotaku - one of Eurogamer's favourite sites - has put a giant swag bag of goodies up for sale up on eBay. From books and t-shirts to laser cels and an Xbox 360 faceplate there's plenty of good stuff on offer, and bids have now topped the $250 mark.

If you're feeling especially generous you might like to check out Penny Arcade's eBay listing - the website is auctioning a piece of original artwork and at the time of writing, bids stood at $8600.

Alternatively, give what you can by visiting the American Red Cross site, which accepts credit card donations worldwide.

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