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New Sonic titles at E3?

SEGA won't talk about Sonic on PSP, if it exists, but still managed to indicate that we'll see more Sonic at E3 in the process.

SEGA of America has refused to confirm that it has a Sonic title in development for PlayStation Portable, but in doing so has also revealed that it plans "to support its iconic brand with a complimentary line-up of new Sonic products which will be introduced at E3".

Speaking to GameSpot yesterday, an SOA rep reacted to a posting on US retailer GameStop - since removed - which claimed Sonic was coming to PSP this November in a new "Action, Racing, Adventure" title.

"SEGA has not announced a Sonic title for the PSP and therefore cannot confirm that one exists," a spokesperson said, before going on to make the above comment about SEGA's plans for new Sonic titles at E3.

We already know, of course, that SEGA will at least demonstrate multiformat title Shadow the Hedgehog - a spin-off Sonic title featuring his dark alter-ego with a weapons-based slant - and the Nintendo DS version of Sonic.

But other than that there's the possibility of a new "proper" Sonic title, not to mention the "Sonic Collection 2" title mooted by the US press for GameCube, reportedly sporting a line-up that includes the much-wanted Sonic CD and lesser known Sonic the Fighters.

The real question though is whether "new Sonic products" plural and "will be introduced at E3" are significant. If so, we could be looking at previously unannounced titles and not just a rundown and confirmation of what we already know about and suspect.

Either way, we should learn more in the coming days.

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