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Oblivion horse for PC gamers

Plus details on future DLC.

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Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda's unveiled e-commerce site, where owners of the PC version of new title Oblivion can purchase downloadable content made available to their Xbox cousins.

The first item on the agenda is the Horse Armour Pack, which was released on Xbox Live Marketplace this week for 200 Microsoft points (just over £1.50). PC owners must pay $1.99 for the 6.2MB pack, which gives players the ability to buy and equip armour for their horse.

Bethesda's new site also makes reference to the next two bits of downloadable content - Orrery and Wizard's Tower. The former will be a quest to repair a bit of Dwarven astrological kit, gaining certain abilities relating to lunar cycles as a result. Wizard's Tower, meanwhile, will introduce a new property you can stay in, grow herbs and do other stuff in, although whether it'll be part of a quest is unknown.

Following the reaction to the release of the premium horse armour yesterday, Bethesda's also commented on its pricing, claiming they based it on existing content pricing like Kameo's Christmas Costume, which cost 200 points. We told you that bitch was no good!

"It certainly may be the case that some plug-ins will appeal to some folks and not others, but we hope we'll be able to provide a good variety so that there's something for everyone...and hopefully more than one something for everyone," Gamespot were told by those, er, 'backing the saddle'.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is out now on PC and Xbox 360. It's very good.

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