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Uru Live discontinued

But never fear, there's still much to come.

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Cyan Worlds, developers of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, has confirmed in a letter to fans that its innovative Uru Live service "is being put to bed".

"Even with all of the time, money, resources, code, people, sweat, and heart that were poured into Uru Live, we needed a certain number of subscribers to pay the bills," the developer writes. "We didn't get there."

"Uru Live is innovative and unique; its online universe is one of the most beautiful and complex ever built, anywhere. The idea of ongoing content was dramatic and forward-looking, but it required a substantial continuing effort to sustain. We were just not able to sign up the number of subscribers (even for free) necessary to pay for that effort."

There is some good news however, which is Cyan Worlds' plans for packaging up existing content in "a different, more inclusive form - expansion packs - the first of which will be available in a month or so."

"Even better, the first expansion pack, To D'ni, is free. And there's more good news on inclusivity [sic]. I'm pleased to officially announce that the Mac version of Uru is finally under way." With Uru Live now retired, however, the Mac announcement is bittersweet news for fruit-driven types.

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