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BG&E and POP still due on Xbox/Cube

Ubisoft responds to rumours.

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GameCube and Xbox versions of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Beyond Good & Evil have not been canned in Europe, Ubisoft confirmed today, quashing rumours circulating over Christmas that poor sales of the PS2 and PC releases had led to their cancellation. Release dates for both should be announced shortly - both versions were completed ages ago and made it out in the US last year.

Speaking to CVG today an Ubisoft spokesperson said: "We always planned to release both titles on GameCube and Xbox in 2004 and that hasn't changed." Having been deprived of two of last year's best games thanks to a deal that tied them up as European PS2 exclusives, disgruntled Cube and Xbox fans would probably point out that the confusion is entirely Ubisoft's fault, as widespread discounting in light of poor sales, delayed release dates and disappearing product pages prompted anxious gamers to wonder out loud on internet forums.

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