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Mario Kart and silver DS bundle

Where's our red one?

Nintendo's planning to launch a Mario Kart DS and Nintendo DS hardware bundle on the same day the game goes on sale on November 25th.

Sadly it's not the extremely sexy Flame Red Mario Kart DS, er, Nintendo DS that's being bundled, which strikes us as a bit odd, but then the more worrying thing is that it doesn't look like we'll get that in Europe for the time being.

Still, if you don't own a DS and want to buy one along with Mario Kart, you can do so from November 25th for £100 or thereabouts - the DS usually retails for £89.99 and the game for just shy of £30.

That said, if you're really keen on the red DS, then it's always an import option, since Wi-Fi Connection games will work across borders.