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Pyro commands Imperial Glory

Eidos teaches us how to dominate the world.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos has announced Commandos developer Pyro Studios' latest project, Imperial Glory, which is due out on the PC in early 2005 and promises to be "the most extensive strategy game ever", whatever that means. [Urgent whispers] Oh, apparently it means you can lead one of five 19th century Empires (Great Britain, France, Russian, Prussia or Austro-Hungary) into battle around the globe as you juggle the needs of local politics, trade, international diplomacy, resource management and technology research.

As you can see from the screenshots Eidos has released today, it's pushing around an awful lot of detail, across surprisingly detailed terrain, and short of the works of 'Total War' series developer Creative Assembly we haven't seen many games doing this sort of stuff convincingly.

Expect to hear more about Imperial Glory in the coming weeks, and you can keep an eye on the official website if you don't trust us.

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