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More Blu days for PS3

Faster Blu-ray on launch?

Sony's PlayStation 3 may be equipped with faster Blu-ray drives for launch after it was revealed a speedier format will be available before the next generation machine is ready for retail.

The PlayStation 3 was originally mooted to launch with a single (1X, 36Mega bits per second) speed drive to run its optical media. But with the arrival of 2X (72Mbps) drives this autumn, it's hoped that by the time PS3 launches in Japan, spring 2006, faster formats will be readily available, with potential for the multimedia machine to run up to 4X, costs permitting.

With Sony yet to confirm the read speed of the drive used for PS3, this specification is open to change over the next few months. Although given that some first generation Blu-ray drives are 2X, it's quite possible that will be the minimum Sony will aim for.