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New Perfect Dark 0 details

And a coupla screenshots.

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Those who remember N64 shooter Perfect Dark with fondness may be interested to know that some new screenshots for the forthcoming Xbox 360 sequel, Perfect Dark Zero, have emerged on developer fansite Rare-Extreme.

Posted by a forum user, they are said to be grabs from the single-player game mode and feature some interesting-looking Metroid-style spiders. Hmm.

Rare has been careful to keep the game under wraps so far, but now the first few details are starting to emerge - including news that all the weapons will feature primary and secondary functions, and you’ll be able to hold up to four at a time.

We’re also told you can sneak up on enemies and nick their weapons right out of their hands. And then turn said weapons on their previous owners, neatly.

Along with the handgun, pulse rifle and sniper rifle, we’re promised a healthy new arsenal to play around with including something called a Laptop gun. Stick it to a wall and it’ll set up an invisible boundary - and should an unsuspecting enemy that boundary, they’ll be showered with a hail of death nuggets. Watch out though, since enemies can also rewire Laptop guns to turn on you...

As far as vehicles go, you get a hovercraft, motorbike and jetpack, which lets you fly around with full 360 degree freedom. But again, your enemies can use them too, so they’re not necessarily a foolproof way of getting out of trouble.

There are two main multiplayer modes to choose from - Deathmatch, which around 50 players can join in at a time, and Dark Ops - play through a series of rounds, earning money for kills, essentially.

All in all, Perfect Dark Zero seems to be shaping up very nicely - but there’s still no word on when it’ll hit the shops. Rumours that PD0 will be an Xbox 360 launch title persist, but Rare is saying nothing for now. We’ll keep you posted.

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