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European EverQuest II beta sign-ups soon

Ubisoft announces a date for sign-ups ahead of the full beta programme kicking off in July.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has announced that sign-ups for the European beta of EverQuest II will go live on Monday, June 7th, with the test programme set to start in July in conjunction with testing in North America. Interested MMORPG fans should make a point of hitting as early as possible on June 7th - and we do mean early. This one will be popular...

Once sign-ups are complete, developer Sony Online Entertainment will notify successful applicants in stages over the coming months, giving some of us the chance to slaughter hi-res bunnies alongside our American brethren.

Although the game no longer has a firm date on Ubi's current European release schedule, we are told that the game will be fully localised before it ships (including voice-overs), allowing English, French and German gamers to see and hear things in their native tongue.

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