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Horizons bloke's new MMO

Called Crusade.

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Quest Online has announced it's doing an MMORPG called Crusade, which will plunge players into a fantasy world of magic, gods and warring factions. It's due out in 2008.

Brought to us by David Allen of Mordor, Demise and Horizons at-least-semi-fame, it'll put you on one of two opposing sides - the Asheroth and the Kujix - both of which contest control of Andarus' two largest continents, Alganon and Harraja.

You'll be able to do all the usual MMO things like choosing from a number of races and classes, with a hybrid skill system allowing for non-linear character progression, and options to create families, work on tradeskills, go on crusades and dynamic quests, and band together into large-scale Battalions and Legions.

Quest Online says Crusade will offer PvE and PvP support for soloing and group-oriented adventure, and advises you to hop along to their website for a more in-depth look at what the game's about (and not, for example, a news item largely cribbed from their press release).

Meanwhile, David Allen's talking it up. "As a group of dedicated gamers, we feel that the design of Crusade marks the direction we would like to see the industry go," he says.

"The MMOG subscriber base is growing at a rate that the current quality of products cannot keep up with. We must raise our vision of what is held as innovative and learn from what has been successful. Stay grounded while reaching for the stars. That is what Crusade is about - taking MMORPGs to the next level."

"We are also working to establish a strong player-developer relationship that allows the player base to actively participate in the ongoing development of the game by interacting with our team members to provide detailed feedback on what is important to gamers. Evolving the core concept and design of Crusade during development based on player feedback is key to developing a successful product."

Crusade's due out in 2008.

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