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BF2 Armored Fury details

US maps, new vehicles, more.

EA's announced details of Armored Fury - the second "Booster Pack" for DICE's online shooter Battlefield 2.

Due out this spring for $9.99, Armored Fury will introduce maps set in the USA for the first time.

In an official website update, EA/DICE talks a bit about three of the maps, and says to expect six new vehicles - three scout helicopters, including the MD530 "Little Bird", and three ground attack aircraft like the A10 Warthog.

The maps are Operation Midnight Sun (battle for the Alaskan port of Valdez, where Chinese forces attempt to secure fuel from the pipeline), Operation Harvest (the MEC's marching towards Washington and American forces must halt the advance long enough for reinforcements to turn up), and Operation Road Rage (the MEC are using highways to move stuff toward industrial sites near civilian areas, and presumably you have to thump them for doing so).

The EA site also has a trio of screenshots, giving you an idea of what to expect.

Armored Fury will be released soon, shortly after the 1.3 patch which adds single-player co-op among other options. It's the second BF2 Booster Pack, following the release earlier this year of BF2: Euro Force.

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