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New Perfect Dark maps

Update: Released! For Gold members, anyway.

Rare plans to release a second map pack for Perfect Dark Zero in the near future, having already stuffed a pair of the pack's maps into the new "Platinum Hits" re-release of the boxed game in the US.

Those maps, which appear on the disc along with the original map pack's contents, are called Facility and Ruin - names that are likely to spark pangs of nostalgia among former Nintendo 64 owners.

Today also marks the release of an auto-update for the game, which should download next time you load it up. According to Rare's latest letters page, "We've addressed (we hope) the mightily annoying cover move into wall bug which was spoiling the multiplayer experience for a lot of people, as well as fixing other more minor niggles."

We'll let you know when the second map pack is released.

Update: Now! They're free, too, although they're currently only available to Xbox Live Gold users. Gnngngh.