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Explosive Defcon videos

(Sorry.) Four gameplay trailers.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's looking like a bit of a slow day, so we thought we'd draw your attention to a few videos chucked up in the dying stages of last week - an overview trailer and four gameplay videos from Introversion's exciting-looking Defcon.

The gameplay videos give you a chance to see how combat plays out across the world as defcons change and gentle music accompanies the eerie march to Armageddon. And when that happens, as the game says, "everybody dies".

You can watch parts one, two, three and four of the gameplay trailer onslaught on EGTV now. And if you fancy a neatly edited recap of what Defcon's about (including flowers and everything), check out the main trailer.

Defcon's due out in September. For more details, stomp through our preview/interview from earlier this year.

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