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Introversion bundle for USD 20

Defcon, Darwinia and Uplink.

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Looking for something perfect for your PC-loving friend this Christmas? Or, more likely, something perfect for your PC this Christmas? Then Steam appears to have just the thing: the Introversion Anthology, featuring Darwinia, Defcon and Uplink for just USD 19.95, which includes a one-week discount of USD 10.

So that's about ten quid in real money, which is so absurdly cheap that we're tempted to buy the games all over again. We're not going to, obviously - it may be the season of goodwill, but we'd prefer not to have to hitch-hike home for Christmas - but we might dig out Defcon again and apply the Christmas mod. 5.4 million children happy!

Defcon, of course, is a game of global thermonuclear war in which you have to try and nuke your enemies without allowing their nukes to penetrate your defences. Darwinia is another strategy game, in which you explore a world inside a computer system, helping the little Darwinians therein to escape the ravages of a persistent virus.

As for Uplink, it's about hacking - and good enough that old-days editor John Bye called it "a triumph for bedroom game development".

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