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Gears DLC to be free?

Epic boss thinks so.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Epic Games President Mike Capps has said that Gears of War will be supported by free downloadable content.

"We always take care of our customers, we always give them stuff for free and we're going to keep doing that forever," Capps said this week. "This is how we do it man, this is Epic."

Speaking backstage at the Spike TV Video Games Awards 2006, the Epic team was keen to show their continued support for their popular Xbox 360 title. "We're Epic and we're known for supporting our games," said game designer Cliff Bleszinski; "that's all we're saying right now."

The developer scooped four awards at Wednesday night's show in Los Angeles, including "Studio of the Year" and "Best Shooter". Producer Rod Fergusson praised the developer's well-rewarded efforts, adding "every game's a team effort and we've got one of the best teams at Epic".

Whilst the confirmation of continued support for the game is encouraging, there's no information as to whether the pre-christmas 'house-keeping' patch that Mark Rein talked about earlier this month will make the deadline.

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