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Sega slashes Altered Beast for US

But will it make it out in Europe? No, we don’t know either. But we can have a guess.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sega will not publish Altered Beast for PS2 in America, the company has confirmed, citing the fact that it is “more particular about the titles it ships in the US” as reason for the decision.

The game is currently scheduled to hit Japan on January 27th 2005.

While Sega has yet to confirm whether or not this means the arcade remake will make it onto PAL PS2s, it’s starting to look increasingly unlikely. Altered Beast is a remakes of the Master System “classic” that involved walking along, changing shape into mythical werewolf-type beast and punching rocks in 2D to advance. If America isn’t going to get it, a European release could well be scuppered from the start.

Look back later today for comment on Sega of Europe.

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