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Capcom undecided on Resident Evil cross-platform strategy

Question marks remain on Xbox RE4, RE Zero/RE Remake ports, and even PSP/DS incarnations of the popular horror brand...

The news of Resident Evil 4's conversion to the PS2 threw up more questions than answers this morning; most obviously whether the end of its GameCube exclusivity deal would open the floodgates to the brand making a belated appearance on a slew of other platforms besides the PS2, as well as whether the previously GameCube-only Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Remake would also be making it onto other platforms.

Chatting with Capcom Eurosoft's head of communications Ben Le Rougetel this morning it was clear that the whole Resident Evil situation remains tellingly up in the air. "Regarding a potential Xbox version [of Resident Evil 4], right now we are focusing on completing the GameCube version and beginning the development process on the PS2 version," he told Eurogamer.

"A the decision to develop an Xbox version has not been confirmed," Le Rougetel added. Although the prospect of an Xbox version is frustratingly out of reach, there still remains the possibility, which will be of some comfort.

"Regarding versions of Resident Evil Zero or Resident Evil Remake coming to other platforms," he said "it has not been decided if these two titles will appear on other hardware platforms." Again, neither confirmation nor denial. Make of that what you will.

And finally: "Regarding bringing the series onto other platforms such as PSP or NDS, again, this has yet to be confirmed." Another non-committal statement, but reading between the lines, the lack of denials to any of these enquiries is the closest we have right now to one of the biggest franchises in gaming going fully cross platform.

Capcom will certainly be aware of the benefits of cross platform releases, with SEGA having enjoyed huge success with Sonic Heroes this year, with the firm announcing its first European million-seller in years. Capcom will no doubt realise the same fruits are on offer if it can finally co-ordinate its Resident Evil release strategy once and for all.

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