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Sabre Wulf going mobile

Rare's GBA title phone-bound.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rare's under-rated GBA platformer Sabre Wulf is coming to mobile phones later this month, capital letter fans IN-FUSIO announced this week.

Available to O2 and Orange customers on "a wide range of handsets" Sabre Wulf Mobile will apparently have "the same unique characters and game play" as the "legendary" GBA title (that's stretching it, chaps).

GBA owners will recall that the idea was to guide the fearless Sabreman into the Wulf's lair over 15 different levels, using unique creatures from his magic bag to solve the puzzle strewn platform levels, before pinching treasure from under his nose. From there the levels switched from slow-paced platform puzzling to an entertaining chase sequence back to the safety of your tent.

Eventually, of course, you gather up all the shattered pieces of the Amulet and all's well with the world. Quite how it translates to mobile is open to question, but it should make a decent addition. You may remember we scored it 8/10 back in the day, so it may well be worth a punt.

As is the way with mobile games, you need the right Java-enabled handset. For O2 customers you're in luck if you have one of these: Motorola V300/ 600, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3200, Nokia3510i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 5100, Nokia 6100,Nokia 6220, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6610, Nokia 7210, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7650, Sagem MyX7, Samsung E700, Siemens S55, Siemens SL55, Sony Ericsson K700i, Sony Ericsson T610 MR1/MR2, Sony Ericsson Z600.

For Orange customers you'll be all set with this lot: Alcatel OT735, Panasonic GD87, Panasonic X70, Philips Fisio 350, Philips Fisio 530, Philips Fisio 535, Philips 855, Philips 355, Philips 636, Philips 755, Philips Xenium Color, SAGEM myG5, SAGEM myX3-2, SAGEM myX-6.


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