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New Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom item glitch discovered is easier than ever

Dupe while you drop.

A new item duplication glitch has been discovered in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and it's pretty simple to pull off.

This is by no means the first duplication glitch found in the game - and Nintendo is yet to patch them out.

This new glitch, shared on reddit, allowed the poster to get 20 diamonds in under 30 seconds, so it's real game-breaking stuff.

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As with previous glitches, this involves unpausing and pausing the game again in quick succession. However, this glitch involves holding items while paragliding. After that pause method, the items should still be in your inventory but duplicates will fall to the ground.

Doing this multiple times in mid-air will leave a pile of loot ready to collect when you land.

New Fast Dupe Method - 20 Diamonds in under 30 seconds
by u/USBdongle6727 in tearsofthekingdom

For some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Ensure the item you wish to duplicate is in the last slot of the materials tab in your inventory (drop it and pick it up again if necessary)
  2. Jump off a ledge and paraglide
  3. Press + to enter the menu, then hold an item with a quantity of one followed by the item you wish to duplicate from the last slot of your inventory (you can hold multiple)
  4. Unpause and then pause again in quick succession. The held items will be back in your inventory, but duplicates will be wherever you land
  5. Repeat while still in mid-air, if you wish

Be aware, though, that some items don't last when they're dropped from a height - eggs will break, bottles will shatter, and bombs will explode. Use this trick at your own risk!

I gave this glitch a quick go and found it much simpler and quicker than other glitches. So if you're after some extra items to sell for Rupees, this is your best bet.

Tears of the Kingdom players have been having a blast with the game's building mechanics. Eurogamer's own Edwin has even built his own skyhouse in the clouds.

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