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Mysterious new Prey achievements reference a famous R.E.M. song

And now fans are hunting for DLC clues.

Bethesda and developer Arkane are teasing DLC for Prey - via new achievements.

Arkane has teased Prey DLC for months now, with most assuming a trip to the moon is in order for the sci-fi immersive sim.

But things are properly heating up. An update for Prey just released which, according to redditor dat_boi0 added 10 hidden achievements.

You can view these new achievements, which sit beside the Kasma logo (Kasma is a corporation in the Prey universe and a TranStar rival) on Steam. Scroll down and you'll see they combine to form a lyric from R.E.M. song Man on the Moon: "If you believed they put a man on the moon."

There's more to this particular tease. As redditor TheNumerus spotted, SteadDB's listing for Prey includes packs you download when you install the game, some of which have a name in binary. When you convert the names from binary to ASCII you get the phrase "kasma sees you".

The plot thickens!

Now, players are trying to unlock these new achievements in the hope that doing so will reveal information about Prey's DLC. The hunt is on.

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Bethesda has a media briefing set for 6.30pm Sunday 10th June pacific time (or 2.30am on Monday morning for us poor British folk). Expect to find out more then.

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