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New live-action Pokémon TV series revealed in first trailer

It'll begin airing later this month.

Promotional shot for Pokétsume with main character Madoka Akagi smiling at a yellow Game Boy
Image credit: TV Tokyo

TV Tokyo has released the first trailer for a new live-action Pokémon drama series called Pack Your Pocket With Adventure (literal translation), or Pokétsume for short.

Pokétsume has been made in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, and stars actress and former girl group member Nishino Nanase as Madoka Akagi, an adult who finds out the working world is not how she dreamt it would be. Her mother sends her her old Game Boy and Pokémon Red cartridge, and she decides to start playing Pokémon again.

As she carries on playing Pokémon Red, Madoka begins to find the same energy as her game character to work through her hardships in real life.

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It's quite different to the plot of previous Pokémon adaptations. The anime follows young trainers who explore the world and Detective Pikachu was about... well the plot of the Detective Pikachu games. Pokétsume is set in the real world and looks at an older fan who works full-time, so it's a completely different demographic.

The trailer introduces other characters in Pokétsume, who are supposedly based on different Pokémon. A co-worker of Madoka's called Yuki Koide, who is meek and not great at his job, is based on Magikarp. Madoka also has an office rival, paralleling the game's story.

Pokétsume is set to premiere in Japan on 20th October, though there's no word on whether overseas fans can expect a subbed version at any point.

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