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New leaked Witcher 2 footage appears

See Geralt fight a Kraken.

CD Projekt has pointed Eurogamer towards another leaked video of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, this time caught off-camera during a presentation.

PR boss Pawel Majak told us the developer had decided to talk about the leak openly "as we are curious about feedback from fans". "Let's turn the damage into something good and make [the game] even better," he said.

The handheld and wonky clip follows mutant hero Geralt nosing around a rural village before he battles a giant sea monster (maybe a Kraken) on the side of a cliff. He dodges pounding tentacles before slicing off their tips like sushi, causing the creature to flail wildly and dislodge a very large piece of precariously placed scenery.

Things to look or listen out for are villagers going about their daily lives, clever graphical touches and a more immediate camera angle that, combined with a rousing score, conjures a blockbuster feel.

There's commentary in Russian, if anybody cares to translate in the comments.

The Witcher 2 was announced abruptly after an internal presentation video leaked onto the internet - much like this one.

The Witcher 2 will be multiplatform and CD Projekt still has "a lot" of work to do on the game. Specific platforms and a date are not confirmed.