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New Killer is Dead videos show off a boss fight and "Gigolo Mode"

Ride the tiger.

A pair of new Japanese Killer is Dead videos have emerged via Famitsu's Youtube channel, depicting one of the game's bosses and the sure to be controversial "gigolo mode."

According to Gematsu, the former stems from the game's seventh episode, "The Tiger that Faded into the Darkness." Here we get a glimpse at the game's insanely colourful combat as protagonist Mondo Zappa effortlessly switches between shooting and slicing cyber demons (or something), as well as a large tattooed man who can summon a giant spectral tiger that he sometimes stores as a tattoo. You know, the usual Suda stuff.

Cover image for YouTube videoプレイ動画:闇に消えた虎

The second clip is taken from the Brazil-set Natalia Gigolo Mission wherein Zappa oggles a woman's naughty bits before putting on X-ray specs to do the same. It's not entirely clear what's happening here since it's in Japanese, but maybe we don't want to know.

Cover image for YouTube videoプレイ動画:ジゴロミッション

Killer is Dead is due this August on PS3 and Xbox 360.