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Killer is Dead release date set for late August

Two special editions detailed.

Suda 51's cel-shaded action epic Killer is Dead is now set for a 30th August release in Europe on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Additionally, publisher Deep Silver announced the £54.99 Fan Edition that includes the soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, an art book, poster, exclusive packaging, and the "Smooth Operator Pack" which contains: the extra mission, "The Man Who Stole Blood," special glasses for the pervy "Gigolo Mode," a new character named Betty that you can seduce, and an unannounced item.

There will also be a slightly cheaper Limited Edition at £49.99, which contains the Smooth Operator Pack, but none of the extra swag.

Killer is Dead follows the exploits of government-sanctioned assassin Mondo Zappa, a playboy spy with a bionic arm. For more information on Killer is Dead, EG contributor Steve Haske previewed it at GDC.

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