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New Killer is Dead trailer totally slays me

The latest videos show off extensively gameplay.

We've seen glimpses of Suda 51's upcoming cel-shaded neon curio Killer is Dead, but it's nigh on impossible to make heads or tails of it. So here to befuddle, bedazzle and delight you even further is a new trailer showing off several of its assortment of weirdos you'll be eviscerating.

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Additionally, some lengthier gameplay videos have emerged, giving one a greater feel for how the game plays. The combat looks like the byproduct of Bayonetta, No More Heroes and Revengeance spliced together, on coke, and it appears to switch effortlessly into a third-person shooter. Look closely and you'll see that a prompt pops up to issue counter-attacks after a well-timed dodge, and there's even a riff off No More Heroes' red & white-tinged Dark Side mode where time slows down and you grow more powerful. Only now it looks more stylish than ever.

As enemies are weakened a prompt appears which ostensibly gives you a choice of finishing moves. Note that an icon next to each one corresponds to that in the lower right corner of your HUD, suggesting these are resources and you can choose which ones to harvest from your about-to-be-dead foes.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

That should give you a taste (for blood?), but there are more brief videos available on 4Gamer's YouTube channel.

I'm still not sure what Killer is Dead is about and these combat-heavy Japanese trailers aren't helping in that regard, but if it's anything like Suda 51's earlier Killer 7, I may go through the whole game and still only kind of get what it's about - and I'm totally okay with that.

Killer is dead is Due this August on PS3 and Xbox 360.