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Killer is Dead DLC will contain a unicorn and a vampire

Get ready to tackle “The Man Who Stole Blood."

In case Killer is Dead wasn't crazy enough already, the recently announced Japanese DLC, Beauty & the Beast & The Lingerie, will feature a unicorn and and vampire.

As detailed by 4Gamer (translated via Siliconera), the DLC contains a mission with the objectively excellent title, "The Man Who Stole Blood." This will revolve around a badly wounded woman named Betty who hires protagonist Mondo Zappa to kill the man who harmed her, a vampire with a taste for wine named Sebastian.

Along the way Mondo will run into a talking unicorn who knows who he is, despite him not remembering ever meeting such a creature. Because apparently Mondo's life is so bats*** insane that meeting a unicorn is totally no big whoop.

The Beauty & the Beast & The Lingerie DLC will come with the game's premium edition in Japan, which is the same price as the regular game, essentially making it a pre-order bonus.

Siliconera also noted that this premium edition comes with three bonuses, including the Temptation of Miss Vampire gigolo mission, a peeping tool for gigolo missions, and an extra episode where Mondo is an executioner. It's unclear if this in addition to Beauty & the Beast & The Lingerie, but a Siliconera report from last month suggests it's merely a description of the add-on and that "The Man Who Stole Blood," is the "Beast" section of the DLC, while the gigolo mission and x-ray specs account for its "Beauty" and "Lingerie" sections respectively

So far all these first-run bonuses have only been announced for Japan, but given that the game is getting a western release this August, it seems likely that the DLC will make its way to European and American shores as well. I've follow up with publisher Xseed about this and am awaiting reply.

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