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New Just Cause 2 details emerge

Eidos unveils less flabby sequel.

Avalanche Studios has revealed lots of fresh details about forthcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 title Just Cause 2.

As reported by IGN, the bulk of the changes are the result of feedback from gamers. Gone are the bloated side-missions and sterile areas; instead there's an inventive chaos system that helps numerous factions across the island to grow.

Simply pinch some military vehicles or shoot a noted soldier and let the carnage begin. Improve your standing with a powerful faction enough and you could even wield enough fire power to attack a government stronghold.

Capture that and your influence will increase further, giving you new information, opportunities and prospective employers. Avalanche hopes to have around 1000 chaotic activities to fool around with.

Combat should be more interesting too, with Avalanche keen to parade its new and much more cleverer oh yes they are soldiers. This college-educated stock will tactically use their environment for cover, hop in vehicles, communicate like real boys, form squads, flank, organise guards and order reinforcements from the sky.

Because shooting clever people is more fun. And more fun is what Avalanche was after when it rethought its aiming, which now lets you automatically lock on but move your reticule to target different limbs.

The arsenal has improved and now flaunts a single-arm grenade launcher, detachable mounted machine gun (oh where have we seen that before) and sticky C4 remote explosives. Similarly your garage has expanded and you can fly around in a Jumbo jet or drive a mobile home.

Handling should be more realistic this time as well, with surface terrain affecting performance and a much more noticeable difference between vehicles, because a mobile home feels nothing like a Jumbo jet in real-life.

Those crazy stunts should be more engaging now, as they let you move around on top of cars to dodge gunfire rather than stand still and look silly. You can hang off bumpers too.

And, like last time, weapons and vehicles are all upgradable using around 1000 various parts.

Another fancy inclusion is a grappling hook for Rico that shoots out of his arm whenever he likes, so he can reel enemies in, climb up buildings like Spider-Man or hook things onto his car and drag them around.

Avalanche has also made the parachute much more realistic and added some fancy stunts for you to attempt.

Just Cause 2 is due for release this year.

Pop over to our Just Cause review for an idea of what to expect.

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Just Cause 2

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