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New Gran Turismo 6 patch introduces more seasonals, increased payout

And our first idea of Polyphony's improved audio?

Version 1.02 of Gran Turismo 6 went live yesterday - all 1.3GB of it - introducing new seasonal events, new cars and increased payout across all events.

The new events are centred around Red Bull Racing, with a new kart introduced as well as the X2014 Junior, a more manageable version of the Adrian Newey designed fictional racing car. Entry requirements for seasonal events have been lowered too, with an International B licence all that's necessary.

Gran Turismo 6's economy's also been given a slight tweak, with early races getting a 110 per cent boost in their payouts while later ones get a 170 per cent boost. Get a gold across all the seasonals and it's possible to earn 3 million credits - or 6 million, if you're able to take advantage of the newly introduced consecutive log-in bonus.

And finally, the X2014 Junior boasts a full-throated engine note - something which has famously been absent from Gran Turismo. A sign of things to come?

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