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New Final Fantasy Type-O details

"Experience extremely realistic war."

Final Fantasy Agito XIII was renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0 because multiplayer is built into the game's basic design, Square Enix has said.

Because of this, the PSP game differs from the numbered Final Fantasy games or the Final Fantasy XIII group, Type-0 director Hajime Tabata and producer Yoshinori Kitase told Dengeki PlayStation magazine (translated by Andriasang).

Type-0 indicates a separate genealogy of Final Fantasy games, what's described as an underground numbering system.

Despite the fact 13 has been dropped from the game's title, the core Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology remains, Tabata reassured. The focus, though, is on the people.

Apparently all titles in the Fabula series are free to interpret and use the base mythology of the series as they please. So, we'll see areas that differ from Final Fantasy XIII.

As revealed at a Tokyo press event last week, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Type-0 will launch this year – but Type-0 will release first.