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New Deathloop patch takes initial pass at tackling stuttering on PC

Arkane also investigating "separate, but related issue".

Arkane Studios has released a new patch for its acclaimed shooter Deathloop, aimed at tackling the widely reported stuttering issues affecting the PC version.

Reports of stuttering and poor framerates in the PC version began to surface soon after Deathloop's launch last week, and Arkane was quick to respond, assuring players it was "aware of reports" and looking into the issue "as a priority".

A little over a week later, Arkane's first attempt at tackling the issue has arrived in Deathloop's hotfix 1.708.4.0, which specifically addresses an issue experienced by some PC players "whereby mouse-based camera movement could result in the appearance of 'stutter'".

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Patch notes for the new update add that Arkane is also looking into a "separate, but related issue that we have identified as a factor that may also be a cause of stuttering at high framerates". The developer says it will provide a further update on this second issue "as soon as we have more information".

Despite early technical wobbles, Deathloop has been enormously well-received. Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirwell awarded it a positively gleaming Essential badge in his review, calling it a "brilliant timeloop shooter that gives Dishonored's best tricks and techniques more opportunity to shine."

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