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New 9 minute Elder Scrolls Online video is packed with new gameplay

Our closest look at the MMO so far.

Bethesda has released a new, nine minute long Elder Scrolls Online video that's packed with new gameplay footage.

Gameplay and environmental footage is spliced with commentary from the game's developers at Zenimax Online.

Topics covered include real-time combat, groups, the mega server feature, level 50 content, armour and player verses player content.

It's the most revealing look at the MMO, due out 2013, so far.

TESO has divided the Elder Scrolls fanbase because of its art style, deemed by some to be cartooney or too similar to World of Warcraft.

Zenimax Online has said it went for a stylised look as opposed to the realistic look of the single-player games in the series, such as Skyrim, because of limitations incurred with making an online game of this scale.

"My view is that MMOs - we're not really at the technical state with MMOs, the graphics technology, to really be able to pull off photo realism. We can't do it," TES Online art director Jared Carr told GameInformer earlier this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a project helmed by Matt Firor, the man who steered old school Mythic MMO Dark Age of Camelot (he's a talking head in the video). His influence is apparent in the three warring factions, and in the game's fondness for some though extinct MMO mechanics - public dungeons among them.

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