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Emma's Adventures: My job as an Elden Ring crab delivery driver

Knight shift.

A character in some chainmail armour stands open armed behind a gigantic, steaming, pot of crab.
Image credit: FromSoftware / Eurogamer

Emma's Adventures is a monthly column exclusively for Eurogamer supporters, written by Emma Kent, who has an uncanny knack for finding strange adventures in games. You can support Eurogamer for £3/€3/$3 a month to gain access to a whole variety of things.

As a treat for those of you who aren't supporters, though, we've decided to make Emma's debut adventure, How I made a fashion boutique in Fallout 76, available to all.

In the wild, abandoned wastes of the Consecrated Snowfield, a warrior stands on the precipice of a frozen ledge, his broad frame silhouetted against a soulless sky. His ragged cloak lifts in the wind, catching slightly on his armour. The crunch of snow behind him betrays the footsteps of something living, and he turns to face his opponent. Another challenger is approaching. Foolish.

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