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MS: Wii third-party sales "not pretty"

Says 360 is the real champion.

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Microsoft has hit back at claims made by Nintendo that Wii sells the most third-party games, arguing that its own figures crown Xbox 360 the real winner.

Since launch, NPD sales figures show Xbox 360 has sold 67,929,999 third party games, which is miles ahead of Wii with 33,394,311 units sold, and the PlayStation 3 at 19,976,325 units sold.

Even third-party sales since the launch of all three consoles puts the Xbox 360 way in front with 54,065,728 units sold - double the Wii figure of 33,394,311 units sold.

Using clever maths to divide the totals by the number of games released since November 2006, shows Xbox 360 selling an average of 217,252 games per title, the PS3 with 156,065 games per title, and the Wii with 132,517 games per title.

"No matter how you slice it, the Wii third party game story is not a pretty one," David Dennis, Microsoft numbers person, told, having sliced it several ways.

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