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MS quiet on Fable II DLC implications

Did we see the future or not?

Microsoft has declined to clarify the outcome to Fable II's See the Future downloadable content pack, which seemed to imply that we'll be returning to Albion in a few years' time...

"See the Future does give a glimpse of Albion's future, fictionally speaking, but we can't comment on what's next for the franchise," a spokesperson told Kotaku. He or she had nothing to add about future DLC either.

The reason people are asking rather spoils the outcome of See the Future, so if you're not up for that you would do best to scamper away now.

Otherwise, you probably already know that it concludes as you return to the Tattered Spire and Theresa offers a glimpse of a possible future, where the player controls a king walking among his subjects, and talks about an unborn child upon whose shoulders the fates of Albion and Aurora will depend.

Once you're dumped back to Bowerstone, you get the royal suit to waltz around in, with the accompanying message: "You have seen what lies ahead, but it will be years before you truly understand the significance of your vision."

Whatever could it mean? Someone tweet Wossy.

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