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Second batch of Fable II DLC revealed

See the Future offers just that.

Microsoft and Lionhead have revealed the second batch of Fable II downloadable content, which will be arrive in May for 560 Microsoft Points (GBP 4.76 / EUR 6.72).

Dubbed See the Future, the main story revolves around three cursed items possessed by Murgo the Trader. In investigating these, players will once more control the fate of Albion, and eventually be rewarded with a glimpse into the future and what awaits those born into the heroic bloodline.

Key attractions in See the Future include the Colosseum arena, which apparently puts the previous Crucible challenge to shame, and Murgo the Trader with his wide array of exotic wares - like a potion that turns dogs into different breeds.

There are also some new quests; one involves a town trapped within a snow globe, and another features a cursed knight whose torment needs ending.

On top of that are new legendary artefacts, creatures, clothes, hairstyles, make-up, expressions, tricks and collectibles.

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