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MS on why FFXIII is coming to 360

It's all about console sales, apparently.

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Microsoft marketeer Albert Pennello has claimed Xbox 360 sales were the pivotal factor in bringing Final Fantasy XIII to the console - not any funny goings-on behind the scenes.

"I think the most obvious reason that [Square Enix] made the announcement is just looking at the success of our console. I mean, we're the leading console on a worldwide basis, we're more than double the install base on the US," Pennello told MundoRare (spotted by VG247) .

"I think it's easy to assume that something is going on behind the scenes, I think the more obvious answer is we're doing really well and the game creators want their games to be where the most people and the most consoles [are], and right now that's the Xbox 360."

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 during the Microsoft press conference at E3. Rumours suggest the platform holder had to pay for Square Enix to breach the exclusivity contract with Sony.

Final Fantasy XIII will remain a PS3 exclusive in Japan, and is yet to be dated for the West. Game director Motomu Toryiama said his team had not begun work on the Xbox 360 version yet, which could hold up the PS3 version in the West, as Square has committed to a simultaneous platform launch.

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