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Most popular US iPhone games named

Tap Tap Revenge leads in comScore data.

32 per cent of US iTunes App Store users have downloaded Tap Tap Revenge, according to a new report from data firm comScore.

VentureBeat has printed the report's section on the top 25 applications based on market share, measured by their number of installs.

Behind Tap Tap Revenge (which is free), the other most popular games are Touch Hockey: FS5 (26 per cent share), Pac-Man (24), iBowl (24) and Labyrinth (22).

VentureBeat speculates that Tap Tap Revenge's 32 per cent may amount to nearly 5 million downloads based on a recent, separate report that the US iPhone installed base is at the 15 million mark.

So, is Tap Tap Revenge worth it if you haven't played it already? Well, it's free, so you could just spend five minutes finding out. Alternatively, you can check out our review in a recent iPhone Roundup.

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Tap Tap Revenge


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