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Mortal Kombat 11 is having a bit of a wobble online


Mortal Kombat 11 is having some issues online after a recent patch went live.

Players have experienced lag in online fights when they didn't before, with the connection issue symbol popping up on the bottom of the screen.

I experienced this myself last night on PlayStation 4, with a number of fights ruined by lag after what had been a superb experience since launch.

This happens even during games with a "green" connection (MK11 shows the quality of the connection before you accept a match). A brief test this morning revealed the issue has continued.

The connection symbol pops up a lot online at the moment.

It's a curious situation, one developer NetherRealm has taken notice of. But its statement on the matter, issued overnight, suggests nothing is wrong. Rather, the developer said, the connection issue symbol is popping up in error - even during matches with a stable connection.

Here's the comment, posted to the Mortal Kombat subreddit:

"We understand that there have been reports and concern regarding lag spikes after the recent patch, but, after a thorough check of our online functionality we have found that everything is running normally. However, during our check we did find that the disconnect icon appears far more than it actually should. This includes instances where it appears even in stable games, and we will work on resolving that soon. Due to our findings the Pro Kompetition's Online NA East is still scheduled for this weekend June 8th."

This doesn't tally with my experience with the game last night and this morning - and, clearly, it doesn't tally with the experience of many other players who are questioning NetherRealm's findings. While I have had stable matches where the symbol appears, I've certainly had a more laggy experience since the patch came out on Tuesday.

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Mortal Kombat 11, when it comes to fights online, has been an impressively smooth experience since the game came out in April. This is the game's first online hiccup, so hopefully NetherRealm can sort it soon.

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