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More Achievements for Steam

Extra TF2 rewards first up.

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Valve has revealed that it will be adding more Achievements to games on Steam, starting with extra rewards for Team Fortress 2 in the coming weeks.

Word came from the company in an emailed response to a fan, who asked whether older titles like Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2 would get the Live-style awards.

"We're planning on adding achievements to all of our games you touched on in your mail," replied Valve. "We're just now coming out of the post-shipping haze, so these should start showing up on Steam pretty quick here."

"We're also planning on adding a bunch more to TF2, starting with an achievement pack for the Medic in the next week or so."

Steam Achievements work in a similar way to their console counterparts. In games like Portal you can also bring up a menu to see what you've achieved so far in life. Just as well you can't do that in the real world, isn't it.

Head over to the official Steam website for more information.

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