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Moore: 3DS aimed at "younger" gamers

Christmas sales to "test" Nintendo.

Top EA executive Peter Moore sees the Nintendo 3DS as being "aimed at younger consumer".

Moore, EA's new Chief Operating Officer, told Digital Life he saw this Christmas as a crucial time for Nintendo's struggling handheld.

"It's going to be an interesting test for them this Christmas, I think we're all hoping it will be a tremendous Christmas present. I think it is aimed at a younger consumer for the most part."

Despite several big 3DS titles such as Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater due in 2012, EA has yet to announce any further software for the system beyond this week's Sims 3: Pets and November's Need for Speed: The Run.

"We continue to look at it," Moore said. "We have FIFA coming out on it. We have Madden in the US on it. Like any device we wish it all the best and we will monitor it and watch the sell-throughs and if there are business opportunities to bring new content, different content, or bring some of our great brands there in the future on top of what we have already committed then we will certainly do that."

Moore was more upbeat about Nintendo's Wii U, describing the system's dual-screen design "fascinating" due to the fact that "a lot of our games are built for calling plays or strategies that you can't see on the big screen".

Looking further, Moore revealed his expectation that EA would move to focus more "on service rather than selling discs" in the next five years.

"I think [EA] will be a company that is almost completely digital," he said. "That allows us to be able to interact directly with tens, if not hundreds of millions of people that will talk to EA every day."

Third-party 3DS games.