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Monster Hunter X will let you play as a cat

As purr your request.

Monster Hunter X (pronounced "Cross") will let you play as a cat.

Revealed in the game's most recent Tokyo Games Show trailer, this will be the first time in the series that you'll be able to actually play as one of your Felyne pals (now called Nyanter in this upcoming iteration). Previously, they've always offered AI support and taken care of off-screen tasks while you make with the monster hunting.

YouTuber and Monster Hunter expert Arekkz Gaming has the rundown on this along with the full Monster Hunter X TGS trailer below.

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According to the Capcom video below (translated by Siliconera), cats won't be as powerful as human hunters, but they'll be able to burrow underground to avoid enemy attacks. They'll also have acorns that revive them from being KO'd, effectively giving them extra lives. Nyanters will also dig faster and be able to use cat-specific equipment like boomerangs. You'll able to mix and match human and Felyne hunters too, as we see mixed species parties adventure together.

Monster Hunter X is due 28th November in Japan. No western release has yet been announced, but that's not unusual as these games are massive and tend to take a while to get localised. After all, Monster Hunter 4 originally arrived in Japan back in September 2013, but didn't make its way west until February 2015. Of course, by then it was released in its "Ultimate" version with loads of extra content.

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