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Monster Hunter Stories to receive three additional Amiibo

But still no western release date.

When turn-based RPG spin-off Monster Hunter Stories' Japanese release date was announced earlier this year Capcom revealed that it would release three Amiibo alongside the game's 8th October homeland launch. Now it's revealed an additional wave of three Amiibo coming on 8th December.

As reported by 4Gamer (translated via Perfectly Nintendo), these consist of the following characters:

Cheval riding a Rathian.
Ayuria riding a Barioth.
Dan riding a Qurupeco.
The previously revealed trio of Monster Hunter Amiibo.

You'll be able to swap the different riders with their monsters to create your own combos.

Monster Hunter Stories hasn't been confirmed for a western release, but Monster Hunter: Generations will launch next week on 15th July. For more on that, here's our own Martin Robinson's early impressions.