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Monster Hunter Generations gets demo this month

UPDATE: Get it right now from Nintendo's site.

UPDATE: It looks like you can grab the Monster Hunter Generations demo right now in Europe by going to the game's official site and logging in with your Nintendo Account.

ORIGINAL STORY: Monster Hunter Generations is getting a demo on 30th June, roughly two weeks ahead of its 15th July release.

It sounds like a pretty hefty demo too, as it contains three main quests (hunting a Great Maccao, Malfestio, and a Nargacuga) that can be tackled either solo or in co-op (both online or locally).

That may not sound like much, but what really fleshes the demo out is that it will let players try out all 14 weapon types along with the new Hunting Style mechanic that grants players different combat moves based on their playstyle. You'll also get to try out Prowler mode, in which you play as a Felyne.

Unlike the previous Monster Hunter demos, which could only be accessed a limited number of time, this one can be played indefinitely.

Furthermore, some lucky Nintendo 3DS owners will receive random emails from Nintendo offering early demo codes. If you get an email, it will contain two codes, so you can gift one to a friend.

You can also acquire the Monster Hunter Generations demo by paying more than $4 for the E3 Humble Bundle, which also contains Psychonauts.

Capcom also announced on its blog that those with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimaye save data will receive the exclusive Baby Tigrex armour for their Felynes upon Monster Hunter Generations' release.

Here's a new E3 trailer showing what Monster Hunter Generations has in store for us next month.

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