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Monkey Ball iPhone patch imminent

Deadzone tweaks.

SEGA is reportedly "working with Apple" to patch the iPhone/iPod touch version of Super Monkey Ball following complaints about the sensitivity of the control system.

MTV's reliable games blog, Multiplayer reckons the patch has been in the works since before E3 and could go live any day now.

Monkey Ball is a tilt-sensitive puzzle game where slight tweaks to the iPhone's orientation set your ball-encased monkey rolling around mazes in the sky, and Multiplayer says the patch will allow you to tweak the deadzone - the position you have to hold the iPhone to stand your monkey still.

However, it's not clear from the description whether you will be able to change the default angle or whether you will be able to widen the deadzone so it's easier to remain motionless. We'd argue that the latter is what's needed - and did, of course, in yesterday's review.

According to SEGA, Super Monkey Ball sold over 300,000 copies in its first 20 days on the new iTunes App Store, for which it was a launch title, but many complained about the shonky controls. We'll let you know when the patch turns up.

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