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Molyneux wants core/casual convergence

"Eventually someone is going to suffer."

Peter Molyneux believes core and casual games need to begin to converge, or the market will suffer for it.

Blending the two is a central concept of Fable II, as we know. And Molyneux feels other companies need to adopt a similar mindset before audiences begin turning their noses up at another Wii Sports.

"If you look at the market, there are a vast number of games made for casual gamers. More than ever before. Also, an enormous number of games... tens of millions of dollars... are spent on making games for core gamers. Yet there are very few games where they really come together," Molyneux told T3.

"And if we don't start bringing these two together then eventually someone is going to suffer - either the casual gamers or the core gamers. Most likely the core gamers."

He added: "If you say to those guys, 'Hey, the next exciting thing you are going to play is Wii Sports,' then they are going to say, 'Err, no thank you...'"

Fable II is due out in Europe on Friday, and has finally proved that Molyneux (and team!) can deliver on ambitious promises.

Head over to our Fable II review to find out how.

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