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Modern Warfare 2 has a cute, hard to spot Easter egg about cute, hard to spot Easter eggs

"Keep looking, you never know what you'll find."

A Modern Warfare 2 developer left an amusing and easily missed Easter egg tucked away in the game's Al Bagra Fortress map.

The Easter egg in question is written in very, very, small text, and can be found on the side of one of the map's exhibits.

While at first glance it may simply look like standard and somewhat generic writing informing in-game tourists about this and that, it is actually a note from one of the game's texture artists masquerading as part of the exhibition.

It acknowledges those who take the time to have a closer look at "incidental signage such as this", and implores Call of Duty players to "keep looking" for the extra little details development teams add to their games.

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As highlighted on Modern Warfare 2's subreddit, the full text of this surprising and rather charming Easter egg reads:

"Here is some additional tiny information for the exhibition signage, because there is simply not enough time to write paragraphs of unique facts in the way a real museum exhibits might.

"It is my hope that this text will eventually be illegible unlike the previous signs in Modern Warfare, which many diligent people online took the time to translate and transcribe much to my horror.

"In any case, I continue to appreciate all of the people who take a moment out of their day to read incidental signage such as this. It is meant to add a certain authenticity to the world. It always makes me and the rest of the team happy to see people appreciate the tiny details. So keep looking, you never know what you'll find."

Modern Warfare 2 itself has had an incredible launch, with the game already generating over $1bn. This makes it the fastest-selling title in the series to hit this milestone. Previously, the bragging rights for this particular milestone was held by Black Ops 2.

Not that it has all been plain sailing, however. Over the weekend, developer Infinity Ward acknowledged its community's "confusion" surrounding an in-game store exclusive reward for players that picked up the Vault Edition.

In light of this confusion, the developer has now announced it has "decided to reward" all Vault Edition owners - both current and prospective - 10 hours of double XP tokens and 10 hours of double weapon XP tokens in a bid to make amends.

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